Wednesday, February 27, 2013

...tomorrow is another day!

Am I the only one, besides Katie Couric, that can't seem to get my office closet cleaned out and organized.  I started this process days ago when my husband put some new shelves in the closet so I can make it fabulous and now it's all over my office floor to the point I have to take jumps from one spot to another to get to my computer...and then shove all the papers out of the way to find the mouse!  My intentions being noble are not getting me very far.  I've got 3 things in a large trash sack after going thru box after box.  Why in the world do I want to keep all this junk I haven't looked at most of it in years?  I did find one very good item I'd looked for a couple of years ago and couldn't find...nope, I didn't throw it away. If I needed it then I may be looking for it again one day!  Katie did have a show on this week about cleaning and organizing ones office.  When the camera panned her humble little office I could have fainted, it looked just like mine!  Of course that made me feel much better, because if someone of her status can't keep her things organized they why should I feel guilty. I have pins galore on Pinterest on how to organize with examples that boggle the mind!  So, I'll take my pajamas off tomorrow, put on my working clothes and my thoughts are exactly what Scarlet's last words conveyed to the world,
 "after all...tomorrow is another day!"  ༺♥༻