Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Can't let the day of "love" come and go without acknowledging how important it is...
I feel like Valentine's Day is a day of love, not just for sweethearts, but for each and every person we love in this life.  It gives us an opportunity to make sure we've passed on the love we have within us to those that share our lives.  Love encompasses so much... compassion, kindness, forgiveness, acknowledgement, laughter, thoughts, friendship, kinship and whatever it means to you! 
Being loved is just about the greatest asset we can have in this life.  But not just being loved, but in loving others.  A heart full of love soars!  I know love can hurt, too.  I've been there where I thought I'd never recover and to make it from one day to the next I had to push the pain to the deepest part of my heart.  Heart aches come in all different ways, too. Being disappointed by someone we love. The pain of a lost love is one that everyone thinks they will never recover from, but we do. To me the worst pain is that of a lost life. When someone we love is called home to Heaven it makes a scar on the heart that lasts a life time. Oh, with time we can push it further and further back, then one day a memory comes flooding in and the remembrance of that loss renews the pain.  Here come the tears! If you're like me I try to hide them 'cause everyone doesn't understand tears from years past.  We are just flesh and blood trying to live in this world and the greatest need is love!  ༺♥༻
So for this Valentine's Day I wish you LOVE!
Don't keep it for yourself...pass it on!
And for each of you a virtual hug!

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