Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ready, Set...Go!

     I've wanted to start a blog "forever" and intended to do it on January 1st this year, but here it is February 10th and I'm finally putting words on paper.  Each of you will have to be my editors and tell me when to go and when to stop because I love to write so I write too much! It's as though my brain is at the end of my finger tips because I get a keyboard under my fingers and the words won't stop!  If I post a picture that is copyrighted, please let me know and I'll remove it or add your link and required information.  It seems there are so many pictures online anymore it's hard to be sure if your using something you shouldn't and honestly, I just am not sure how one finds out.  So if anyone knows out there, please drop me a line with instructions!  The templates and little snippets of pictures I've used for my background are from the Graphics Fairy@ and Vintage Workshop@, so as soon as I figure out how to put their links on here I will.  I love their vintage graphics and use them on everything!  When Vintage Workshop offered greeting cards I was one of the card designers...I loved it!
     Well, this isn't much, but it's a beginning!  I'm exhausted just from reading instructions and trying to figure this all out!  I'm not even close to doing all this right! I'll take any suggestions that anyone wants to take the time to give!  Ideas, instructions, critiquing all accepted with an open heart!  



  1. Lol It is me... Nancy...did not know how to publish comment!